I really don’t deserve her.

In my life there have been women I don’t deserve.  More that prove they don’t deserve me as my last two relationships really fubared on me.  Mostly because they thought they could take advantage of my love for them to do whatever they damn well pleased.  That being said, that’s not entirely what this post is about.  This isn’t the past but the present and future.  The other day my phone decided to be a tool and hang up on the woman (besides my mom of course) who means more to me than life.  You know who she is and where she is and a rough idea why, that being said I was pissed because I couldn’t call her back.  I expected her to be pissed too because of this little error too, and assume I did it on purpose.  I did the best damage control I could and it worked.  She understood things like that happen, she was more concerned that circumstances the way they were she couldn’t get me back.  I really don’t deserve this wonderful and sexy woman.  I hope nothing happens to screw this up because I need her more than the air in my lungs.