Explanation of the last post

More for my beloved’s benefit more than anything else, but since I forwarded my last post to her it might have been construed wrongly.  To her I say this, baby I didn’t keep that photo up so long because I still had feelings for that faithless woman, it’s just that I avoided being in the room with it as much as I could and when I was there I ignored it as much as I could.  However this time, feeling like I could stand it no more I took it down.  No more angry feelings and depression.  You are now my only love and no demon of the past intrudes.  I love you totally and completely sexy.  Now and forever.


I try to keep telling myself

That I deserve this woman.  This is the woman that rejuvenated my heart after the heartless bitch I was with before nearly destroyed it.   This is the woman I met because of a pen pal site for inmates.   I’m so lucky to have her, she is my angel.   Whenever we talk on the phone it’s like the voice of the sweetest song.   I love her and she will be mine forever.   I love you my sweet angel. 

Well it happened again

And this time it’s a good thing.   I know I didn’t get into it earlier,  but my girl T’Keya is in jail in Nevada does minor issue and as such is three hours behind me, so she tried to call me at 6PM her time.  If you do the math, you can guess what happened.   I was working, so I couldn’t answer her call.   However that was fixed by the event that happened at 9:30 this morning.   She called me again, and hearing her voice again was just as sweet this time as it was the first time two days ago.   Come next August we’ll be together forever babe, and I can’t wait my sexy dark skinned angel.   I love you.   Can’t wait to hear from you again.