I’m so happy

Yesterday was one of the happiest days of my life.   I finally got the chance to hear my beloved T’Keya’s voice for the first time.   Her voice was so nice to hear finally.   It was only half an hour, but it was the most blessed and happy half hour of my recent years since my ex-girlfriend destroyed me.   I love you T’Keya and I’m happy you’re going to be my bride.


Okay, now that that’s out of the way. 

Last post I vented my spleen about a useless piece and worthless member of the female sex, my ex-girlfriend.  I won’t go into it again, just read my previous post for an abbreviated version of the tale.  Anyway, this post is to praise the savior of my heart, a heart I thought that heartless bitch of an ex-girlfriend had completely destroyed.  First off let me say this relationship might strike others as a bit odd, but I don’t care.  The name of this blog might give you a clue to the lady’s name.  Needless to say she’s a prison pen pal from Las Vegas.   Got her address from a website for female prison pen pals.   After a few letters back and forth we fell in love and she healed my shattered heart.   I intend to have her live with me here when she gets out next year in preparation of our eventual marriage.   I love her so much and she deserves a second chance for everything.  

What were you playing at? 

That’s the question that keeps running through my mind when I look at my Skype and my ex-girlfriend tried to contact me in late January of this year.  My dear lady, you made your feelings about a continued relationship, even on a friendship level QUITE clear.  That was made clear in September when you reacted unreasonably and very badly to my presents to you on your birthday.   I have no desire to be friends with someone as hateful and evil as you.   You betrayed me for no reason, and we were trying to salvage our relationship.  I have no desire for contact with an evil piece of white trash like you.   The only way I’d even consider having anything to do with you is if you ran yourself across interstate 95 and somehow survived being run over by a bus.   In  other words, take your evil uncaring carcass out of my life.