A note about my love for her…

I really scared the crap out of my baby this week, only because of the fact my phone got deactivated.  I got it back quickly thank God, but in the interim I wrote this little note to my baby.

I met you by mail months ago, never expecting more than a pen pal, a friend.  I read your profile, saw your crime.  Oddly enough, my instincts told me to take a chance and write you.  I’ve not forgotten how broken my heart was before I took that chance.  I have seen nothing that had made me think I’ve made a mistake.  I don’t care what landed you in jail.  I’m pretty sure if I knew I still wouldn’t care.  You have given me love and hope again.  I’m not saying this to flatter you, or butter you up.  You know how hurt I was left.  The woman before you really nearly made me give up or turn gay.  The latter might have been interesting.  Happily I’ll never have to find out how that’d work because you took my heart and healed it.  I never looked to fall in love again, but my darling I’m glad it’s with you.


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